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Couple met on Imgur.

Couple met on Imgur


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This is her.

It's hard to take pictures of her.


This is OP.


OP: "Due to imgur, I met this lovely girl from Mississippi. We changed the lives of each other almost instantly. I couldn't believe I was talking to a girl who reads the likes of Thoreau, Whitman, Tolkien or Lovecraft. I knew this girl was worth getting to know more. She flew to the Bay Area to be with me. I'd planned for many months to go and see the Hobbit by myself, and then I met her. The only person I know who appreciates such things as I do."


OP: "Though she has been sad most of her life, having undergone physical and mental traumas, I see nothing but smiles when I'm with her. It makes me so very happy. At times her mind seems to wander as we all do, but there's something about her that draws me in closer than anyone I've ever known."


OP: "Ah, here we go, finally overcame her shyness. That was a lot of work."



OP: "Tonight, I dropped her off at San Francisco International. It has been the best month of my life. I know not when I'll see her again, but I rest easy knowing that I will. I take comfort that there is someone who appreciates me for what I am when I thought it unlikely to ever be. None of this would have happened without imgur, and for that I am ever grateful to this site."


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