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5 things your clothes are saying about you:

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Apparently I am healthier than many men my age and I am very open to new things. My clothes say so.

PandaWhale wears mostly black and white and occasional shades of grey.

  • Black shows you’re serious and that you won’t take no for an answer.

  • White exudes honesty and innocence.

  • Gray is a good neutral, the quintessential color of business.

Dark Blue conveys trust, which is why Facebook and LinkedIn wear it.

I didn't realize Orange grows weary. PandaWhale uses orange sparingly and perhaps those oranges should move to Red.

Red wakes people up. :)

If you're curious about colors in general:

1) Green can make you more creative.

2) Blondes are better at fundraising and they do have more fun.

3) Countries with lots of colors in their flags are less happy.

4) A yellow price tag makes people think they're getting a discount -- even if they aren't.

5) The color red has all kinds of interesting, athleticangry, very very sexy and seemingly magic powers.

Those are all fascinating, Eric.

I do like the Orange used sparingly in PandaWhale -- do you have any findings on what Orange means?

There's a new Orange button that will be rolling out next week, actually.

Orange + Vanilla = Creamsicle, which is the color of orange we chose for PandaWhale. Good call!

according to this, orange is friendly, cheerful and confident.

I believe that, Emily. Go orange!

the orange looks great on pandawhale!

(plus, it's my favorite color... and joone's too:

Sweet! I would love to know the history of Joone -- is there an interview where you talk about how she came to you?

funny you should ask... i'm answering an interview question right now about that very thing!  :)  i'll let you know when it's up!

Please do let me know when that interview is up. Thank you Emily!

I also like that messy and unconventional clothing means I'm open to new things:

Instead of just meaning that I'm messy and unconventional. :P

Our environments say a lot about us too.

My environment is like my clothes. Messy and unconventional.

Then you're doubly open to new ideas. :)

good answer!

Eric Barker is FILLED with good answers.

i've noticed!  and he's super into happiness!!

Yes, I believe that's how he and I met in the first place. I was searching for happiness and found Eric.

that is so cool.  sounds like the start of a great friendship!  :)

It was! And every time I talk with him I learn something new.

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