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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Reddit Ask me anything...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reddit Ask me anything

Source: Reddit AMA

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My favorite quote: "Even though Congress has an approval rating of 9% (and loses to cockroaches and colonoscopies in polling), there are still some leaders who are doing the people's work instead of the partys' work. That's political courage to me, being willing to risk your job to choose what's good for the public instead of getting stuck in your ideology."


Arnold's ask-me-anything is worth reading btw:

Schwarzenegger Total Recall gif:

Schwarzenegger Total Recall gif

Hey Arnold.... You hijacked the last gasp this state had for good governance and became the worst Governor since Moonbeam I: How do you sleep at night?

He seems to sleep surprisingly well. I guess he's happy with the job he did.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan Barbarian gif

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the coolest actor, I love it since my childhood, his role is always interesting to watch, terminator, true lies, the twins and other movies you can watch бесконечно.У us in the family of his обажают, always with pleasure in watching his films, especially "Truthful lie" this is something that is very funny movie. I grew up on these films. It is a pity that I have never seen my favourite actor , even when he arrived in Moscow, where I do not live. But I do not lose hope, may be lucky and I see him someday, my sister lives in the United States when they arrived in Russia, told about it, when there was the mayor, sorry for us Russians could not vote for him.

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