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Poor Aquaman

Poor Aquaman


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baby the feels gif

as a die hard Batman fan...

Batman lol alfred aquaman sent me a friend request. fuck aquaman.

Aquaman Redeemed.


Actually I think he is the JLA team leader right now in New 52. 

Aquaman is awesome on flying fish.

Aquaman gif

Just read the new aquaman and they play wiht his joke reputation throughout. It's pretty funny. Aquaman

(these two img actually from justice league, which I have on my ipad and thus can screenshot)

But he's clearly getting redeemed


The ladies love him! *this img form aquaman, via amazon) html>

Wow, that Aquaman is a hero everyone can cheer for!

Yeah, Mera takes a lot of crap too. Everyone keeps calling her Aquagirl. She also nearly kills a guy by dehydrating him. 


That does it, I'm ready to pay money to see an Aquaman movie.

I guess they'll test the waters with "Justice League" first...

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