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Introducing the App Center - Facebook Developers

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What do you think about Facebooks new App Centre?

I think it will make Facebook's mobile client even slower than it already is.

It's weird to see apps like Goodreads and Pinterest as Facebook apps since they have their own websites. Does every website need to replicate itself inside Facebook to not lose traffic?

The thing is with Facebook is that they are now at a plateau in terms of generating new users, hence their advertising dollar is also at a plateau. They need to find new revenue streams to continue to grow to satisfy new investors, especially in light of their IPO.

This will be one of many new revenue generating features that they will be rolling out over the next 12-18 months. IMHO a mistake - diverting from Facebook's core product will inevitably drive users elsewhere, given that the trend seems to be moving towards more specialised forums such as Path or Pair - I would bet my kids college fund that people will not tolerate it.

I used to make Facebook apps for a living. I was surprised by how tolerant the Facebook users are of apps.

I'm not convinced that tolerance has changed.

agree- users have been tolerant - but have to wonder how long this will last now that there are other unique options available

and then there is this ...

love how the TechCrunch Ed referred to us down here in NZ as "a more isolated but English-speaking location" .. ha ha ha ... how generous of him!

TechCrunch has a Silicon Valley centric worldview.

Facebook ripping off the business model of Tumblr, getting users to pay to promote their statuses, demonstrates just how narcissistic Facebook thinks its users are.

I believe the goal of Facebook's App Center is to make Facebook users more valuable to Facebook by giving them more insight into what the users are doing.

This thread has more about that.

totally agree... it is about further profiling the users to extract every last bit of value out of them!

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