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Chart for how to pet cats and dogs

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Need a new upvote gif? Here's one :D - Imgur

Big dog:

Well, this is the petting chart for my dog. - Imgur


Petting chart for dogs fixed: no touchy!

No touching arrested development gif

No touchy emporers new clothes gif

Dogs are awesome.

Petting chart for awesome dogs


Petting chart for dogs -- fuck yes version

There's some debate about the cat petting chart:

Petting chart for my cats - Imgur

It's like an abbreviated version of The Oatmeal:


Petting chart for cats - Imgur

Experts differ in opinion:

Cat petting chart fixed

Fixed more:

Cat petting chart fixed

Grumpy Cat version:

Grumpy cat petting chart

Grumpy Cat version, fixed:

Grumpy cat Petting chart

This cat is beyond grumpy:

Grumpy Cat Petting chart


Cows are made of meat

This has taken a wrong turn...

Humans are made of meat

Petting Chart for Owl:

Petting chart for owls

Petting Chart for Men:

petting chart for men


Rocky Horror...

Toucha toucha toucha touch me - Janet rocky horror gif

MC Hammer:

Petting guide: MC Hammer - Imgur


Yes yes yes gif

Petting chart for a horse:

A Petting Chart for a Horse - Imgur

Final word?

Its not funny any more - Kent Brockman - simpsons - The Petting Zone. - Imgur

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