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Are you even trying, jumping toilet kitten? Jump cat jump!

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How I feel submitting original content - Imgur

imgur: the simple image sharer

Here's the sibling...

Mittens first jump - Imgur

Years later...

jumping cat gif I believe i can fly - Imgur

It's like trying to reach the front page.

Cat jumps for front page fail gif

Sauce with SAIL:

And the bounceback:

Cat Jump Fail Bounce gif


Cat Fishtank Jump gif - This fish gives no fucks.. - Imgur

Jump bumblebee cat!

Bumblebee cat falling gif - The only cat gif I care about - Imgur


Kitten still needs some practice:

kitten Bandit jump fail gif 6 weeks old Imgur

Source of this beautiful gif is EditingAndLayout:

"Adorable kitten fails to jump"

Kittens be crazy

kittens be crazy gif

Rolling, rolling, rolling... Rawhide!

imgur: the simple image sharer

I've had enough with seeing death and destruction today, here is my favorite gif of an adorable kitten rolling over. - Imgur

aim high, kid. you never know what you'll become

jumping cat space station gif

I know how that story ends.

space cat jump landing gif

But I like the story anyway.

Space Station Cosmo Cat Leap gif

cat jump fail SAIL gif pizza taco Believe in your Dreams Imgur

Her owner:

high jump fail gif

imgur: the simple image sharer

kitten jump fail gif

Long time lurker, how I imagine my journey to the front page - Imgur

at least it's not being pushed

falling cat gif

Meow - Imgur

Stop, drop, and roll..

Cat gif - stop drop and roll - Imgur

What is this Scooby Doo magic? - Imgur

cat jumping closet fall gif Leap of faith Imgur

And then there's this Cathlete!

cat leaps onto roof jump gif


Raccoon leap jump fail gif Imgur

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