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Cat seems unhappy with new Bath Shower Technology. PetSpa! Pet Spa? Kitty washing machine? Catbath™ !

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I'm sorry, I love animals, but this is kind of funny when you remember that it's just water.


CBS News reports on the "Pet Spa":

It could be funny it it wasn't for the fact that the cat was completely freaked out.

You're right, Mimi. Some cats are much happier in water.

cat happy water bath gif Imgur

This is the Auschwitz gas chamber approach to bathing your cat.

The bath chamber.

Just chillin' cat gif - DEAL WITH IT


It IS ridiculously hard to get a cat to take a bath.

Cat bath gif

This cat enjoys bathing...

Cat bath gif

And/or playing the drums:

Cat bath gif

Our current cat is an obsessive groomer thankfully... But our last one grew thumbs and would levitate herself out of water and latch tight onto things when she needed a bath. She would've hated this, but she hated baths equally... So I probably would've given it a shot. 

Lucretia, I love cats that obsessively groom!! :)

Cats are so intelligent... STOP HITTING YOURSELF! - PandaWhale

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