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Emma Stone had to delete her Facebook because of Farmville.

Emma Stone had to delete her Facebook because of Farmville


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"It doesn't feel fake, Jimmy."

That's what she said Michael Scott gif

So Emma Stone has no Facebook and she refuses to use Twitter.

What kind of celebrity is she???

Very funny indeed. I remember discovering Farmville. I planted my carrots and stuff and waited for something to happen. I quickly realized I was planting and picking fake stuff. Which I guess is excellent for a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers commercial, but I decided it would be better for me if I went outside and planted something real. 

Which is why Zynga may have no future now that we collectively realize their games are a huge time sink.

Pandawhale ain't nobody

Maybe if you could win and get a thousand dollars to Whole Foods all the budding urban gardeners would use Farmville instead, increasing revenue. 

Too bad Zynga never thought about creating actual value for its users.

So, if you were Mark Pincus and you wanted to do something besides, say, spam everyone's friends with the fact that Adam just watered a cabbage, and say, you realized this fact...what would you do?  

It seems to me that something great could be made--these games are part of pop culture, people are willing to "waste" time--I consider myself the aberrant because most people game. I think, if it were me, I'd sneak in an element of social good or reward or credit... like what if you picked 80K carrots and got five credits towards Kiva? Or you build your barn "green" and get credits toward (insert cause here) or heck, I'll say it, coupons for green products...  Sort of like You get the sense that you're doing something but that there is a result, not that you're just looking at well-done graphics..., I guess my point is that it's not hard for people to create value for their customers--is it?

It's not hard. They just have to WANT to do it.

Source is Emma Stone talking to Jimmy Fallon:

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