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Christian Bale reaction gifs

Christian Bale confused reaction gif


High Definition:

Christian Bale confused gif

Thank you EditingAndLayout for making this gif.


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Godfather confused gif

Christian bale American Hustle gif no idea what you're talking about Imgur

Christian Bale Upvote gif

imgur: the simple image sharer

I edited in some Imgur colors into an older gif I had saved. - Imgur

Christian Bale ping pong upvote gif

Christian Bale oh kiss reaction gif

High Quality version of that last gif:

American Psycho downvote gif Christian Bale Imgur

I have to return some videotapes gif Christian Bale American Psycho Imgur

Christian Bale Imgur upvote gif reposting another post of mine, because i love you Imgur

And finally, the high quality version of Patrick Bateman eternal straw throwing contentment:

patrick bateman eternal card throwing gif Imgur American Psycho Christian Bale perfect gif straw contentment

Thank you axiomist for making this gif.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Christian Bale farting smile gif Imgur

christian bale laughing gif Imgur

American Psycho thanks gif Imgur

christian bale kermit the frog nodding gif Imgur

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