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Samsung Flexible Display Screen -- OLED "Flexi-Screen"

Samsung Flexible Display Screen OLED Flexi Screen


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Source is Samsung Flexible OLED display:

A Redditor adds:

It seems people are having a hard time being imaginative in this thread.

Here are some uses for a thin flexible screen:

Wearable watch like smart phone.

Curved monitors for large multi-screen setups.

A mug or glass that can double as a display device.

Durable wearable ID tag that simultaneously displays advertisements.

Durable screen for your smart phone with easily replaced glass in case of breakage.

Super thin durable screen allows for "foldable" displays. Imagine opening up your phone to double the screen size? (it would be 2 displays but thin enough that your phone wouldn't need to be double the thickness).

Other Jewelry (imagine a collar that displayed information) I can see the rave crowd uses.

You think your light up shoes were cool back in the day? Imagine what they could look like with flexible displays in them!

In short, many possible uses.

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