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We've gone from RIP Good Times and 10% layoffs to funding Grilled Cheese in under 3 years.

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Source: Josh Elman tweet.


And of course, the TechCrunch article that references them:

Raising the Most Money Does Not Mean Your Company Will Become the Most Valuable

Are good times back yet?

I judge based on the number of events offering free food and booze, and on that basis, yes.

My metric is number of free t-shirts at OSCON, so I'll tell you in a few weeks. There were shirts flowing like water in the last boom, then practically none after the crash and it's been building up again since.

If people are spending money on freebies to entice you to use their free product, that means there is money and hubris in the system.

I look forward to hearing about it, Luke!

Of course they are. People are getting funded, companies are going public and getting acquired... These aren't stupidly good times i.e., 1999, but they are good.

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