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Oracle v Google Judge Is A Programmer!

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"So far all that Oracle has managed to prove is that Google copied nine lines of Java code, that are incorporated into Android operating system and eight test files that are not part of the production code. And yesterday, in a hearing about "infringer profits" Judge Alsup challenged Oracle's lawyer David Boies for trying to pin so much on the rangeCheck infringement."


"Judge Alsup: rangeCheck! All it does is make sure the numbers you're inputting are within a range, and gives them some sort of exceptional treatment. That witness, when he said a high school student could do it--"

106 Miles lawyer Soyeun Choi went to one day of the hearings, and she said they brought out experts to teach everyone the basics of programming!

He makes a great point:

The importance of learning to code isn't so that everyone will write code, and bury the world under billions of lines of badly conceived Python, Java, and Ruby. The importance of code is that it's a part of the world we live in.

It seems very lucky that the judge of this particular case was smart and knowledgeable.

Many lawyers don't even seem to understand the basics of how open source licensing works.