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Netflix to Deliver All 13 Episodes of ‘House of Cards’ on One Day -

Netflix to Deliver All 13 Episodes of House of Cards on One Day NYTimes com


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Binge-viewing, empowered by DVD box sets and Netflix subscriptions, has become such a popular way for Americans to watch TV that it is beginning to influence the ways the stories are told — particularly one-hour dramas — and how they are distributed. Some people, pressured by their peers to watch “Mad Men” or “Game of Thrones,” catch up on previous seasons to see what all the fuss is about before a new season begins. Others plan weekend marathons of classics like “The West Wing” and “The Wire.” Like other American pastimes, it can get competitive: people have been known to brag about finishing a whole 12-episode season of “Homeland” in one sitting.

I don't think of it as peer pressure or competition.

When you're watching something you enjoy, you want to see the next episode.

This was certainly true for LOST.