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Computer Reaction Face

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Useful for commenting in forums.

Reminds me of nuclear rage guy.


And angry stickman.


Actually, there are a bunch of computer reaction faces.

Who knew?



What would Annoyed Picard say?


lmao... sodahead. I interviewed over there in 08 when they were about 5 ppl... their office was set up with open rows of desks and the founders sat at the back of the room, specifically to police the engineer's web access... it was hilariously creepy.

There's an animated gif for that feeling.



Bad computer! No! NO!!!

Bad computer no no gif

NOPE button.


I wish teh Internets had an UNSEE button.


What does the red button do? Oh no!

What does the red button do gif

Nope! [Star Trek edition] - Imgur

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