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The Seven Forces Disrupting Venture Capital | TechCrunch

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I missed one force -- to make eight forces total -- and that's hardware/social platforms like iOS & Android, and Twitter and Facebook. Any others?

If I understand correctly, the first seven forces disrupting VC are Cloud, Angels, AngelList, Crowdfunding, YCombinator, "New" VC, and Secondary Markets.

I agree that platforms are disruptive, too.

But so are the accelerators -- not just TechStars, 500 Startups, AngelPad, I/O Ventures, and Founders Institute but dozens of other ones all over the world, including corporate-sponsored ones at Google, Microsoft, McKinsey, and Turner Broadcasting, among others:

YCombinator started this new wave, but each of these accelerators has a different point of view, and more importantly, they're spread all over the world.

You no longer need to be in Silicon Valley to make a difference.

Lol...and they use every one of them why you should go away and not come back until you need $10M.

Well, several of those sources (crowdfunding, angels, AngelList, iOS, etc) are designed to help people fundraise without venture capital.

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