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Beautiful woman under water - Elena Kalis

Beautiful woman under water


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Hair is the perfect shade of soulless. Honestly though, this is beautiful.

It's one of Elena Kalis's amazing underwater pictures:

She's also on deviantART:

Alice by sugarock99 underwater babe

These images are gorgeous and imaginative.  I keep coming back to them.  I'm now a fan of Elena Kalis.

How many layers of white does it take to remain opaque underwater?

One, plus a copy of Photoshop.


Wasn't The Deep just a bad version of Jaws?

Both are based on Peter Benchley novels, but I wouldn't compare them as movies (or books, either).  Jaws is Man vs. Shark. The Deep, Man vs. Man.  Jaws changed our culture. The Deep entertained us with a story of intrigue in an intriguing setting, Bermuda.  Barely.

Yes, "barely" was a double entendre.

Bad versions of Jaws would be Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D and Jaws, the Revenge.

That's an excellent assessment. Thanks Geege.

Hollywood doesn't make underwater movies like they used to.

No, they don't.


Instead we get...

Attack Of The GIF - Animated Gif Images: April 2012

I think this is an example of an avant guarde wedding photo.

Sarah Lee also has beautiful underwater photography:

Underwater Photography of Sarah Lee - PandaWhale


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