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Lego Cupcakes!

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Oh. Em. Gee.

The only way I'm going to get some sleep is if I convince myself I'm going to dream about Lego Cupcakes.

Big Fat Cook, show me more!!! (Click the link. I dare you.)



Continuing on that theme, Lego Cake: "It never fails to astound me just how difficult the seemingly-easy-to-replicate LEGO is to create in cake. Seriously. Bakers just can't seem to crack the code of straight edges and proportional pips*."


Cake MADE of legos...


And, completing the trifecta, Ninjago Lego Cake...


Apparently you can have an entirely lego-themed party...

If you're planning that, you might find it helpful to shop on Etsy.

I wonder if I'd get put in the doghouse for planning my pooch's party as a a lego themed party?

oh man- the lego ninja is awesome! ... will show DS10 and DS6 when they are home from school :)

Louise, I hope they were a hit!

Liz, any Lego themed party is a good party!

Chocolate lego cupcakes, anyone? Stasty!


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