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2-Year-Old Basketball Trick Shot Baby is amazing. Thanks Grantland!


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Some of this kid's trick shots are epic. They get better the longer you watch.

David Cho writes:

There are some people (namely this blog's editor Chris Ryan) who don't want to believe in anything good in the world. People like Chris feast on negativity, they get off on the nightmares and failures of others. When they see a video of what looks to be a 2-year-old child making basket after basket, they don't want to believe that it's just another instance of human will and perseverance prevailing against all odds (previous examples of this resolve include the discovery of fire, man landing on the moon, the Harry Potter series). These naysayers doubt and undermine our heroes (in this case, baby Titus) until we have nothing left to believe in.

The fact of the matter is, Titus is making these shots, we will prevail, and nothing will ever overcome hope, the human spirit, and hard work and effort.

Dude, perfect.

How'd dat baby do that?

Haha, that baby would totally pwn Shaq!

Pwn Shaq gif

Someone asked for this to be a downvote GIF - Imgur


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