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How to Drink Scotch Whisky


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Scotch Master supremo Richard Paterson shows you how to taste fine whisky. Hint: if you do it wrong, he'll hunt you down and kill you!

That puts too much pressure on the novice Scotch Whisky drinker.

Time to go back to a bottle of Jack...

I'm all for the exhaustive method.  Plain, warm, drop of still water, drop of bubbling mineral water, drop of coke, drop of rootbeer, drop of honey liqueur, half still water, half bubbling water, squeeze of lime, squeeze of lemon, squeeze of orange, drop of pommegranete, spoon of confectionaires sugar, drop of bitters, over ice, and all combinations of the above.  

Until you do that, you truly don't know a scotch/whisky.

Whoa. That's a LOT of tasting!

Sounds like you drink whisky like a sir!

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