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Kai the Hitchhiker -- Smash, Smash, SMASH! -- Auto-tuned

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306 views vs 262,000 views.  Lets see which wins.....

It's hard to make a sequel to a viral Internet hit that does anywhere near as well.

And the sequel has been removed from YouTube. Boy, that de-escalated quickly.

Kai responds to his viral video:

Yeah, um...I have to do better at my job. Or this will happen more and more... 

You and me both Dawn!

Yeah, maybe it's just because I'm not a Californian, but I'm going to form a stereotype if this guy keeps popping up... 

He does embody the essence of one kind of Californian. :)

Control your media better...get the others out there

No one can control California, Dawn.

But yeah I think he's countered by Hollywood and Silicon Valley types in the media...

One of these days I'll make the pilgrimage and see.

Remember to wear a head wrap!

The key to a compelling interview: head wrap - Imgur

I often do... I call it a "babushka" which is Russian for "grandmother" and also means scarf. Usually I wear them if I'm cleaning or if it's summer and I want the hair to stay put. But I suppose I can try it to hitchhike as well. 

Just be safe, Dawn. Not all hitchhiking is safe.

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