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The Fantasy World Map

The Fantasy World Map


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Dan Meth writes:

The Fantasy World Map #12 In A Series of Pop-Cultural Charts

Finally! I’ve charted the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world.

Nerds will rejoice! …Or become enraged!

Or both!

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I love that Whoville is just beyond Mordor but where is the Mushroom Kingdom?

I believe he only included places in books, not videogames.

But you did inspire me to find this bridal veil mushroom gif:

Bridal Veil Mushroom gif - PandaWhale

I know it has nothing to do with Mario, but I still like it. :)

Hyrule is from legend of zelda

Great catch, I didn't notice that one till you pointed it out.

So perhaps Mushroom Kingdom is the most glaring oversight?

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