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The 10 Best-Branded Companies on Instagram ...

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It makes sense that Forever21 is using Instagram well.

I was surprised to hear the others: AnniesHomegrown, Billboard, Brisk, Celtics, PepsiMAX, Puma, Sharpie, Starbucks.

Brilliant use of social media!

Brands are starting to get good at this stuff...


These are all basically consumer brands... but the big surprise for me was learning that General Electric has a big Instagram account which is largely artsy photos of its giant engines! As Fortune mag says:

"[Consumer brands] may have more followers, but their pics feature products, while GE's show a process, a look at how the company builds its big machines."

Brilliant use of Instagram by GE.

And this is the first I've heard of Webstagram.

How incompetent is Instagram that a different company had to develop Webstagram?

An alternate top 10 list of Brands doing amazing things with Instagram has significant overlap:

Warby Parker, Redbull, Puma, Playboy, Burberry, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, Tiffany's, NH Hotels, Starbucks, Sharpie

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