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10 Inspiring TED Talks for Startups

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Decent list.

I also enjoyed @BronwynSF's five most inspiring TED talks:

I also find this Lean Startup talk by @EricRies quite inspiring:

 I stopped watching TED talks awhile ago; sometimes, hearing these superman/woman TED stories is overmuch -- and you just need to hear about how much it sucks, and how much it might be worth it one day. Or not. Reality is more brutal than can fit in 18 minutes; not trying to be cynical, just saying for me I've stayed away from these talks.

There are three ways to benefit from TED talks:

1. You can learn from the style: pacing, exposition, language.

2. You can learn from the editing: what is included, and what is left out.

3. You can learn from the content: consider it an introduction to a subject to determine if you'd like to learn more. If you want to delve deeper, the Internet is available to you.

I'm tired of TED and all these global hope change perfectly polished blah blah conferences.

I'm convinced, for every brilliant TEDer, there are a thousand people who are actually getting their hands dirty changing the world.

And you're right, watching other great speakers is a great way to learn how to speak; however, learning to do presentations from watching a TED talk is like learning to do great speeches by watching President Obama use a TelePrompTer. I've used them, and they will make almost anyone look like a great speaker because you're actually just reading. 

The last one is interesting; about diving in deeper. I guess I still discover interesting and new topics the old fashioned way: via books & magazines (although these come recommended to me from the tubes).

There are only a few great 21st century orators; none of whom I've seen speak at TED. But yet, I am learning. There's always something to learn, and you're right TED is great for that, but right now it's not for me.

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