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Bic Lighter Flame Upvote gif

Bic Lighter Flame Upvote gif


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At first I was all like "where can I get a bic with a green flame?"

Then it turned into an arrow and my dreams were shattered...

Green = Up, Red = Down, Blue = Next, Orange = Reddit ...

Green-up, Red-down, Blue-next - Imgur

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. - Imgur

Imgur Flame Upvote - Now In Reddit Orange! - Imgur

bucket of upvote! gif - Imgur


imgur: the simple image sharer

Act of Valour upvote Fire Suppor - Imgur

[Hot Shots!] Downvotes! Part Deux gif

Spider-Man upvote gif

upvote-dog gif - Imgur

Horse motorcycle upvote gif

After editing of 128 layers, I present you this. - Imgur

Penguin upvote gif imgur

Crazy cat lady upvote gif

Western Cowboy upvote gif

Neil DeGrasse Tyson upvote gif

Me going through user submitted - Imgur

Hot Pants Vinyl Upvote gif

Just giffed my pants (I'm so sorry). - Imgur

Imgurian gangsign - Imgur gang sign gif

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