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Where the Women Are: Twitter and Pinterest

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Shalon writes:

I cannot speak on behalf of women everywhere when it comes to social media. However, I can safely say that there tends to be more of a gravitational pull for women in the direction of social networking tools that offer more connectedness and less creepiness. Twitter and Pinterest are the clear champions when it comes to social networking for women in my age range, and it’s not hard to see why:

Interest-based connections. The only people I connect to on Twitter and Pinterest are people who have a common interest. Since I’m mostly interested and will subscribe to technology and humanity feeds, I won’t run the risk of being regularly exposed to the kind of people you see passing out flyers on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Short and sweet posts and tweets. Women have a very multi-dimensional way of thinking. Men tend to be more linear. Twitter appeals to our desire to have a bunch of bits of information all at once from multiple sources about different things. Our minds automatically assemble the clutter into neat piles of information which become stories we can tell our families and friends. This is also why Pinterest is so appealing. It’s all about how our brains like to organize information.

Short and sweet and interest based, organized neatly into stashes?

Shalon, you're speaking my language!

I just wish that "women's interests" weren't categorized as dumb visual commodities like shoes, cake pops, nail art, and fitspo.

You forgot kittens, cupcakes, and wedding dresses.

Drunk barbie cakes? 

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