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The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 9 - "The Suicide King" memes

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Season 3 mid-season premiere was chock full of action:

Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon fighting zombies The Walking Dead season 3 episode 9 the suicide king gif

Great scene with Daryl and Merle, Michonne, Glenn and Maggie, and Rick:

Glenn -- Andrea's in Woodbury? - The Walking Dead 3x09 gif Merle outs Michonne - twd 3x09 gif

It's good to be back! So many feels...

Feels gif - Rick Grimes The Walking Dead season 3

"You've got to start giving people a chance..." ~Hershel to Rick

Glenn my blood my family - the walking dead 3x09 gif

Rick to Daryl - you're a part of that family - twd gif

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead 3x09 gif

Here's a recap of The Walking Dead through Season 3, Episode 8:

All Three Seasons Of The Walking Dead - Kill Counts

"It's easy to forget how loud the world used to be." ~Carol

Carol - Daryl has his code - twd gif

Carol - the world needs men like Daryl - the walking dead season 3 episode 9 gif

Daryl Dixon -- Those Arms!

Daryl Dixon - Those Arms - The Walking Dead gif  Daryl Dixon biceps - twd gif


Team Dixon The Walking Dead

#walkingdixons The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman to Norman Reedus - is it cool if that's the last time we see Daryl and Merle this season?

Keep Calm and Hide Behind Daryl Dixon

"Barbeques and picnics. That ends now." ~The Governor

The Governor season 3 episode 9 twd gif

The Governor season 3 mid-season opener the walking dead gif

Andrea governor 3x09 twd gif

Governor shoots Woodbury guy gif

Enter the Grave

These boots were made for walkers...

The boots are made for Walkers, and that's just what they'll do...

Andrea is emerging as a leader...

Andrea is emerging as a leader.

Lil Asskicker...

Lil Ass Kicker Clementine twd 3x09 gif

Lil Asskicker baby The Walking Dead 3x09 gif

Walking Dead cartoon, anyone?

Walking Dead Cartoon - The Squawking Dead

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