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Christopher Dorner is first drone target on U.S. soil

Christopher Dorner is first drone target on U S soil


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Well that didn't take long, did it? Drones can apparently be used on US soil now.

Man, that escalated quickly.

So Dorner wouldn't be the first criminal target and the Department of Homeland Security has loaned out drones to local law enforcement as part of a program last August. Now, if the drones were going to target Dorner and fire upon him, yes, that'd be a shocking, crazy first. We're just getting used to the fact that the Justice Department said it only targets "senior operational leaders" of al Qaeda, or the very vague "an associated force" when it employs drones overseas. 

That sort of all brings us back to the Express's reporting. Do they really mean Dorner will be the first fired-upon target? We're not sure, but we do know they'd be factually incorrect if they meant that Dorner was the first criminal on U.S. soil that necessitated the use of drones. And as blogger Parker Higgins points out, the Express's reporting seems to be a bit dodgy. Higgins asks, "[H]ow did a tiny paper in the United Kingdom get such a juicy source more than 10,000 miles away in the Los Angeles police department?"

Can you imagine walking down the street and a drone comes and kills someone else on the street? Horrifying.

Geege, I'm thankful for your Drones stash.

And yes, that escalated quickly.

pandawhale that escalated quickly

Just spotted:


Now that you mention it, Chris Dorner should probably stop checking in on Facebook...

Chris Dorner funny

Army Captain?  LAPD?  oh wow


Jokingly, he's also so Raven.

Christopher Dorner is the dad from that's so raven

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I think the significance of everyone talking about this incorrect story that Dorner is the first target of Drones domestically is that hardly anybody knew that drones had already been used to surveil criminal suspects in the U.S.

John, you are of course correct.

If nothing else, this made more people aware of things that were already happening.

targeted for drone attack comic - FAQ

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