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William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a "pig" for doing both Star Wars and Star Trek

William Shatner calls J J Abrams a pig for doing both Star Wars and Star Trek


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Click the io9 link above for the William Shatner interview.

Anyone who's worried that J.J. Abrams won't be able to extricate himself from the Star Wars universe in order to insert the necessary lens flares into Star Trek 3, good news! Simon Pegg says unequivocally that Abrams will return for the third Trek movie at the very end of this red carpet interview.

Of course, it's not actually up to Simon Pegg; it depends on when Paramount wants to makeStar Trek 3, how long it takes Abrams to make the first Star Wars sequel, and whether Paramount is willing to wait for Abrams now that he's jumped ship to what can only be considered Trek's primary competition. Unless Pegg has suddenly been put in charge of all that, it's probably not his decision to make. But hey, maybe he heard something from a Paramount exec. And maybe that Paramount exec will still be employed and able to make this decision in 2017 or so.

Meanwhile, poor William Shatner is not taking Abrams' departure for Star Wars particularly well, going so far as to call Abrams "a pig." Is he overprotective of the franchise that made him a star? Still bitter that Abrams left him out of theTrek reboots? Does he just want attention? Knowing the Shat, I'd say it's very much a combination of all three.

"The Shat" ?!

I've never seen him called that before.


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