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Yvonne Strahovski Upvote gif - Chuck and Dexter, oh you!

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From Yvonne Strhovski's Chuck days, not from her Hannah McKay Dexter days.

Yvonne Strahovski gif - Imgur Yvonne Strahovski hot smile gif

Oh, you!

Oh stop it you

Now chill.

Yvonne Strahovski - Imgur

Wildly in love with Olivia Wilde.. I don't care for downvotes, she's amazing - Imgur

Kristen Bell upvote!

Kristen Bell Upvote gif

Jewel Staite upvote!

Jewel Staite upvote gif - Imgur

When you see that picture with 199 upvotes. "This one is on me" - Imgur

Yolandi Visser upvote!

As requested, upvote version - Imgur

Olivia Wilde double upvote!

Olivia Wilde upvote gif

Regardless...this begins a wonderful time of the year. - Imgur

Boys, boys, we're talking about upvotes and downvotes. Stop fighting!

Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck upvote downvote gif

Kate Upton upvote!

Kate Upton upvote gif

I would like imgur to meet Yvonne Strahovski. - Imgur

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