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Paul Broun says hammers and baseball bats kill more people than guns. Is that true?

Paul Broun says hammers and baseball bats kill more people than guns Is that true


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"He’s wrong again, but he’s getting warmer. According to FBI data, 8,583 people were murdered with firearms in 2011. Only 496 people were killed by blunt objects, a category that includes not just hammers and baseball bats but crowbars, rocks, paving stones, statuettes, and electric guitars. Broun was off by a factor of at least 17 this time, a significant improvement on his estimate of the age of the Earth. The blue planet is 4.54 billion years old, or more than 500,000 times older than Broun believes it to be."

There are enough deaths by statuette to comprise a category?

Yeah, I was wondering what kind of statuette. Has an Oscar ever been used to kill someone?

Also, did you just say someone killed someone else with an electric guitar?

Power chord air guitar gif

Thankfully air guitar is not as deadly.

As to an Oscar, yes, very recently:

As to an electric guitar, yes.  Sometimes people just go on Fender benders, I guess.

Not that kind of Oscar. I meant this:


People should stick to air guitar! Less dangerous...

air guitar bill and ted gif

bill and ted air guitar gif

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