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Navigating life on a need to know basis

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Found this through a friend's FB post. Thought I would share. It's a good take on mindfulness and faith in the power of the universe, belief in your mission, and living in the now, not the how

"Trust that what you are doing is exactly right. The “how” is none of your business because as you trust the “what” (being and spreading kindness in our world) the how will come to you on a need to know basis. Kind of like traveling a road in the middle of the night. Your (flash)Light can only shine so far along the path. But you keep putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that the path will reveal itself as your light reaches it."

This is similar to a @bakadesuyo post I was reading last night.

In it he says essentially: No matter what, things are likely to turn out okay.

It's very, very hard to live with uncertainty, but it seems like something we humans are equipped to do.

i told a friend once when we were both in the middle of really trying times that the only way i found (as a classic type A) to make it through uncertainty was to remind myself that the space between black and white is where the most interesting and colorful living is...

Well said, Christine.

If everything happened exactly as we think it will, imagine how dull life would become.

so true, Adam...

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