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Google Finally Shows Off Google Glass UI, Announces #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign | TechCrunch

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Looks nice, but I hope it comes with the remote. By the time I say "hey glass take a picture" there will be nothing to take.

Or maybe just blink twice?

I was hoping it'd come with a pen with a clicky button on it to start and stop. 

Probably also come with a 30 second DVR feature where if something happens, you can say, OMG did you get that??!!! and of course it did as it had 30 seconds of footage always running and could go back and store it.

Actually a DVR-like feature would be cool, but it would need more than a 30 second buffer.

Or it should read thoughts. 

Seriously though won't the price need to drop to under $200 before mortals will be interested?

I'm pretty sure, done well, it will be wiped off the shelves at $600.

Well, these pictures of Google Glass are gorgeous:

Definitely interested.

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