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Work and Fun Balance - Elnura Kuldaeva

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I like the hedgehog blowing bubbles!

Me too :)

But the animal on the computer is having fun too right?

Right! The animal on the computer is having fascinating ability to derive fun from multiple lines of code :)

A coding animal! Awesome!!

What kind of animal is that, Elnura?

It's a Coding Animal, from Talpidae family :)

I had to look that up:

Mole or shrew? Super cute!

I want my own coding animal...

Adam, you are right, it's a mole. I would say, evolution was pretty generous with this one: mole is standing upright, coding in many programming languages, using apple products,... :) I could draw a coding animal for you if you want :)

A coding panda perhaps?

I admit that would be hard for the panda to code while munching on bamboo...

Hahaha :) Adam, no worries I'm sketching munching-coding panda as we speak :) I'll send him to you when I'm done.

Sweet. Or now you can upload him to PandaWhale, too. :)

Great :)

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