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Labyrinth Fish Tank Aquarium

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Sofa king cool....

Fish tanks are one of the contraptions that literally come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the Labyrinth Fish Tank Aquarium really takes this to a new level.

As the name of the device would suggest, this is essentially a maze like collection of fish tanks interconnected to make one large labyrinth aquarium. There are five separate bowls connected through tunnels allowing your fish friends to travel from sphere to sphere. Of course what would a fish tank be without a special set of lights to set things off properly? 

There are even three different colors available from Opulent Items.

Six thousand five hundred bucks makes this a luxury item.

But hey, free shipping!

Now if we can just figure out how to make a habitrail for cats my life will be complete.

More photos:

Labyrinth Fish Tank Aquarium | HiConsumption

Labyrinth Fish Tank Aquarium | HiConsumption

Labyrinth Fish Tank Aquarium | HiConsumption

wow, and it reminds me of the hamster maze my son had, which wasn't cheap at the time, but 6K?  I bet there are very innovative people out there who could give this company some good old fashioned american competition.

I bet you're right that this company could be disrupted.

Those hamster mazes are relatively cheap by comparison.

$6500 is a lot. On the other hand, these labyrinth fish tanks are an amazing conversation piece!

I love this. Took down my tank when I moved and brought the fish to my tank at work. I am trying in vain to find a space to set it all up again--away from windows, wood stoves and doors. I miss my fish. I'd love this. 

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