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15 Walking Dead Moments Too Nasty for TV

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One thing they were wrong about: We did see the scene above.

T.J. Dietsch wrote in November 2010:

AMC has surprised us with some of the things they've shown on the first few episodes of their version of The Walking Dead. From killing zombie kids and the horse smorgasbord in the first episode to some of the more colorful language Michael Rooker's ultra redneck Merle Dixon spouted off in the second, it doesn't seem like Frank Darabont and company are worried about crossing too many lines with the series. But, the show hasn't even covered the ground of the first six issues of the comic yet and things get a whole helluva lot worse, with more graphic zombie attacks and some of the most disturbing human interactions ever put on the page. 


We've compiled a list of the ridiculously violent and graphic moments from Robert Kirkman's comic that we'd be varying levels of shocked to see on the small screen. Instead of listing them in order of grossness, we're going chronological in case you aren't all-the-way caught up on the comics. Please note this list CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS, DEFINITELY FOR THE COMIC, AND PROBABLY FOR THE TV SERIES (it depends on how much the show ends up deviating from the comic). Seriously, there couldn't be more spoilers in this list if we posted pictures of spoiled meat with it. Also, if you've not read the comic, it bears mentioning that THE ACCOMPANYING COMIC ART IS INSANELY VIOLENT, DEPRAVED, AND PRETTY GROSS, ACTUALLY. If you decide to skip this list, we'll understand.

This comic features all kinds of disgusting stuff.

Yes, I like it.


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