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OAG (Overly Attached Girlfriend) gifs ....

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Source is 6:32 in this video:

She kind of looks like Alison Brie...

Alison Brie funny gif

...or Doctor Who...

Doctor Who dancing gif

\OAG what were you looking at?

Nothing. As you were, OAG.

OAG meme - pretty overly attached girl - attractive

Laina in car gif:

For some reason I want to go for a drive now... - Imgur

Overly attached gif

Alison Brie is OAG?

Alison Brie: Overly Attached Girlfriend GIF - Imgur

oag blowjob gif When shes in the mood. - Imgur

OAG Laina hot pink tee shirt bouncy gif Imgur Tumblr Reddit

OAG gif:

I have to go do....some stuff. - Imgur


Not OAG but kind of looks like her:

OAG meme - hot sexy black lingerie with boobs and lace and bunny ears

Her name is Emily Connor aka Applemilk1988:

Emily Connor applemilk1988 bikini gif

OAG, what are you doing? OAG, STAHP.

OAG what are you doing?? - Imgur


Just fix your hair, ok?

oag gif - just overly fixing my hair... - Imgur


An overly attached girl on Red Bull.....We're doomed!! - Imgur

Overly Attached Girlfriend gifs... and perhaps a Brad Pitt one, too, for fun.

oag gif - smile

oag I love you gif

oag gif - brad pitt dancing

OAG red carpet gif

OAG valentine gif


Keep OAG away from knives...

OAG knife gif

Happy Mother's Day:

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