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If you could travel 30 years into the future to have a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg, or travel 30 years past and visit with Steve Jobs

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Well, as tempting as it sounds to have an opportunity to talk to Steve Jobs, there are a lot of books and videos left on what he had to say.

I guess, he would ask me more questions, than I would. I will end up telling him a lot of wisdom, which he shared with the world. It will be like: 

Steve:   - Wow, that is a great idea. Who came up with that?    - Well, actually, Steve, it's you.

Going to the future is interesting by itself. If it also comes with the opportunity to meet Mark. I'll take it. It would probably go like this: 

Mark: "Ok, dude, as you know, we have extensive profile on you and all people of your generation and similar upbringing. By now, we can very accurately predict everything you going to say and questions you will ask. So here are my answers to the questions you will ask. The materials were arranged in the format, which is most suitable for your brain, so it would not take long for you. As a curtesy, you I'm also giving you the list of questions you should be asking. You can look these up on Quora. We are done:)"

It would be more fun to travel into the future than into the past.

I love when he gives you a list of questions you should be asking. :)

Would you say that it will feasible in 30 years to accurately predict the questions to be asked by an individual, who was not around for 30 years?

I don't think the technology will advance that fast.

Then again, the Singularity folks think the technology WILL advance that fast.

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