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Gender In Tech: The conversations are happening.

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Eloquent essay from @cjc about how a lot has changed and the dialogue is now happening all over Silicon Valley:

Ellen Pao’s lawsuit allows our community to discuss these “women in tech” issues as real problems that face our gender and our industry. This is no longer about about dumb comments made at a tech conference about bikini shots or “bro” attitudes – it’s about what’s stopping women from reaching the top.

How many women do you know about who have faced sexual harassment hoping that it will end once they’re promoted to Managing Partner or Director of Engineering? If you asked me yesterday, I would have said not a single one. Today, that changed.

Here's the quote from the essay that made me pause:

A friend immediately told me “Well that’s career suicide” and I can’t say I didn’t think the same thing. While few can comment on whether the allegations are true, this news does highlight some of the reactions the media and tech community have had to gender issues in the past.

I want to live in a world where doing the right thing is not career suicide.

Character and integrity apply to all areas of a persons life.. they don't stop short of the board room... and as we both know Adam, Karma is a bitch ... All it takes is a few high profile men to make a stand to make it "ok" for the "rest" to stay true to what is in their hearts.

wow- I like the cut of your jib Adam. Good on you for making it "OK".

I didn't make a lot of friends on the venture side with that post. The truth hurts.

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