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Sergey goes to the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party with glass

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Okay, this cracks me up. Staged?

Actually, I think it's real.

I'm so impressed with his marketing strategy for Google Glass. So clever.

For example, this picture of him taken on the New York subway:

Photo Of Google Founder Sergey Brin New York Subway Wearing Google Glasses - Business Insider

By the way, Google Glass is gorgeous:

If I had the money, I'd buy a pair. As it is, I'll wait.

I didn't mean it's faked, I just meant that the picture is "marketed".  You saw my post about "native" ads right? 

Yes, and you're right that native ads are the future.

I'm not sure I would call this dishonest, though.

I mean, he's honestly using the Google Glass at the Vanity Fair party.

So this begs the question, was the whole vanity fair photo list just an ad for google glass? 

Not entirely. A lot of Vanity Fair is just glamorous photos people want to look at.

Google Glass just happens to deliver that in spades.

That's where I land, but what if they were so sophisticated that they set a new standard for native ads such that nobody could tell?  Interesting context?  check.  Intriguing storyline? check.  Fascinating people?  check.  Wish that you were a fly on the wall?  I wish they would release his footage....

It reminds me of a story. Once a 4th grader who hated to do homework was given an assignment to write a story.  He was told to make it interesting and involve religion, royalty, intrigue, and mystery.  He brought in one sentence the next day:  Oh my God! The Queen is pregnant.  Who done it? 

Anyways, it's my favorite picture of the day.  There's so much more story there than what's shown.

I love that 4th grade story.

And the Sergey picture IS a great picture.

But I think you're right that awesome advertising is often indistinguishable from great content.

In an era of social sharing, everybody's selling something, whether we acknowledge it or not.

I love this quote: "awesome advertising is often indistinguishable from great content". This is awesome!

I'll go even further. :)

Great content IS the best advertising.

There you go! You've just uncovered the secret to digital content for the next decade! (Or at least a good TED talk).

Could be a great TED talk, actually.

And this is why the next decade is so exciting!

BuzzFeed seems to spend a lot of time on making shareable ads-as-content: