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Keith Rabois joins Khosla Ventures, February 2013

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The Merc reports:

Keith Rabois, an influential startup investor who has funneled cash into an "A list" of Web 2.0 companies, will be a partner at the high-profile venture-capital firm beginning in March. He previously was head of business development at PayPal, LinkedIn and Slide, and also sits on the board of Yelp and has invested in such high-profile startups as Airbnb, Path and Yammer.

"We are thrilled to have Keith join us as he has shown himself to be a great investor, but even more importantly he's a true adviser," Vinod Khosla, founding partner of Khosla Ventures, said in Tuesday's news release, later adding, "He truly has earned the right to advise companies."


"I love Khosla Ventures' vision and passion for assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs," Rabois said in Tuesday's news release. "The Khosla team encourages entrepreneurs to be bold. And the team's legendary work ethic ensures that entrepreneurs will receive the best possible assistance."

Seems like a great match of talent and passion.

Keith explains on Quora why he's joining Khosla Ventures:

With Khosla Ventures, I recognized a team that shared my belief in funding only entrepreneurs who dream vividly bold dreams. I love their passion, work ethic and obsessive focus on impact. This is not marketing from a recruitment process: I have enjoyed Board discussions and debates with a KV partner consistently since May 2007.

Of course, there are other exceptional VCs; some of my favorite colleagues from PayPal and LinkedIn are now extraordinary investors. But what sets KV apart from other investors is that we are dedicated to a different model of venture assistance where the team and the partners bear the obligation to provide insightful guidance. In fact, I can attest that Square would not be Square today without KV’s help.

In my experience, raising capital is easy. High caliber mentoring and genuine counsel is rare. Those qualified to dispense it to a fragile startup are in short-supply. I am excited to join Khosla Ventures because we recognize that this what the most ambitious entrepreneurs crave.

Sounds like he's found a place that is great for him.

Khosla definitely needs him. Their biggest problem is having enough people time in the day who are clued in to doing the right thing and using that expertise to help the entrepreneurs they fund.

I have a lot of empathy for KV -- it's hard to find great people who have the time to provide the kind of venture assistance that Keith talks about in his Quora post.

One reason Keith stands out among people in Silicon Valley is he has a lot of genuine gratitude.

So yeah, this is a great match. KV needs Keith, and wants Keith to do what he does best.

He's thanking so many people! That's just awesome :)

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