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Florida Man is a terrible superhero.

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KYM explains:

On January 30th, 2013, Redditor Deus_Ex_Corde submitted a post titled “Florida Man is a terrible superhero” featuring a screenshot of Google News search results for news stories containing the keywords “Florida Man.” 

444.jpgWithin one month, the post received over 22,700 up votes and 360 comments.On January 31st, the /r/FloridaMan subreddit was created with links to news articles containing the words “Florida Man” in the title. The same day, the Tumblr blog StuckInABucket published a list of notable “Florida Man” news headlines, which accumulated more than 200 notes in the next month.

On the Twitters:


[Image - 505478] | Florida Man | Know Your Meme

[Image - 505465] | Florida Man | Know Your Meme

[Image - 506759] | Florida Man | Know Your Meme

Bugs Bunny Florida gif

Wow. Sad.

Super sad.

Mother of God:


Say what you will about Florida Man, but Florida Men are dominating the NCAA Championship.  :-)

You have to explain to me what the heck Florida GCU is.

Grand Theft Auto V's Trevor is Florida man:

GTA V Trevor Florida man meme

Warning: this post contains some spoilers for Trevor’s third of GTA V.

The “Florida Man” concept, that all the really bizarre things dudes in Florida do that make the news is the work of a single person, is quite amusing, and some of the headlines contributing to the mythology (see this Twitter account) won’t be unfamiliar to longtime Grand Theft Auto players. For example:

Florida Man Tries To Burn Down Ex's Business, End Up Setting Himself On Fire

Florida Man Says He Led Police On High-Speed Dirt Bike Chase Because He Was "Bored"

Florida Man Drunkenly Backed Car Into Girlfriend On Her Birthday

I wrote in my review of GTA V that Trevor is sort of the embodiment of what an anti-video game Fox News pundit imagines the average GTA player to be like in real life, but he can also work as the prototypical Florida Man. 

For one, he cooks and sells meth, and he himself is always on it; when he meets Barry the Weed Activist in Los Santos, he says he stopped smoking because “it interferes with the speed.” The result is what you see him doing when you transition to him from another character, which ranges from gross (pooping on the sidewalk, which is also a real Florida Man story) to funny (waking up on top of a remote hill in a dress) to horrific (spooning with Floyd, who is crying).

Read more:


Florida Man is enterprising?

Florida Man LOVES Festivus (how could he NOT?):

"This whole thing is just a serious feat of ... ridiculousness," says Chaz Stevens, who marched into the Capitol building on Wednesday morning clutching a case of empty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and a 6-foot pole made of PVC pipe. It's a nod to the unadorned aluminum pole that is part of the secular Festivus holiday invented by George Costanza's dad on Seinfeld.

The celebration also includes an "airing of grievances" during the family meal, in which each person describes disappointments experienced over the course of the year.

Stevens says when he heard about the Capitol Nativity scene, it was just too much. So he applied to the state to install his own display: a pole covered in beer cans.

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