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Spiral Solar System Orbits Through Time ...

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Spiral solar system orbits thru time.

This blows my mind, Dan. I could watch it for hours.

Video and full story here:

It's cool.  I love watching this video loop too.  But I noticed that they put Saturn in a closer orbit to the Sun than Jupiter, presuming this is our Solar System we're watching.  If not, glad to see there are other systems quite similar to ours and now I don't feel so alone out here anymore.

I think it's our solar system. Not sure why they did that.

Both Saturn and Jupiter have rings; maybe they got confused?

Sometimes I like to think there's a destination we're heading too... Preferably somewhere with Ice Cream. Earthlings love ice cream :P

Good call. We even like ice cream when it comes from a taco...

South Park Taco Ice Cream

Is light made of particles or is it a wave? Why not both?

Smart Guy Einstein - Imgur

The smiling Einstein at the end really makes this meme...

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