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Tangled gifs

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Tangled gif

Tangled gif

Tangled gif

Tangled gif

Tangled gif

When I try to do anything smooth in front of a cute guy... - Imgur

tangled excited gif

Tangled happy chameleon gif

tangled guitar gif rapunzel perfect loop yeah baby

tangled flowers in hair dance gif

Tangled speechless eyebrows gif imgur

tangled pascal changing colors gif Imgur

tangled hand shake gif imgur

Tangled Rapunzel hiding in her hair gif Imgur

Warning: The rest of the gifs on this page are crude.

MRW late night imgur shows up - Imgur

Tangled frying pan gif who are you and how did you find me Imgur

She's been locked in a tower for 18 years:

She can't wait for her life to begin:

Here's a gif of the tower where she was locked up:

tangled tower gif

This is a modern Disney movie, meaning that a prince does not rescue her.

Instead, she has adventures and goes through rites of passage and eventually learns to rescue herself.

Disney tries to adapt to the changing times.

Tangled scream oops reaction gif When I accidentally knee my boyfriend in the balls in between sex positions Imgur

A daily thing for all of us. - Imgur

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