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The Walking Dead season 3 episode 12 "Clear" memes

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We've been asking since episode 1, Will Morgan return? And now we know!

Tonight's episode was written by the upcoming season 4 show runner Scott M. Gimple, so that gives me hope for next season. 

This episode was full of emotional pack. Poor Morgan!

Like the rest of Tumblr, I feel bad about the hitchhiker. Thinking back to what Glenn told Rick in season 1: "If I were ever that far up creek without a paddle, I’d hope someone would help me."

And yet they drove on, abandoning the hiker, sealing that poor man’s fate. Yes, he could have been a bad guy, like the kid at the farm, or the two jerks traveling with Tyreese and his sister, but the hiker could have just been some poor soul who just lost his group, and needs a helping hand.

The big theme of tonight’s episode was: you cannot survive alone.

Rick The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear"

From Tumblr: It's nice to get away from The Prison and Woodbury and actually see some real character development. Season 3 so far has been all about cramming everyone and everything into one short episode. They try shoving The Governor, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Merle, Andrea, Milton, Glen, Maggie, Hershel and you know the rest all into one episode. Aside from Rick and the Governor we’re lucky if we get 2 minutes of screen time from each of the other characters. I like it when they try to focus on a few character at a time like they did tonight. It reminds me of season 1.

All and all I wish they would do more episodes like this or try to focus on individuals every once and awhile instead of the group. I actually found myself and still a little now not caring about the drama of The governor and The Ricktatorship but wishing they’d stay on the road for a while and keep the cast small. (Kinda like everything after the prison and before Alexander safe zone in the comics.)

Regarding next week's preview I don’t want to see Rick and The Governor talk unless it ends with Rick getting his hand cut off.

Roll on...

Rick The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" - Away With You gif

The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" - Away With You gif

Michonne The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" - Away With You gif

Erin We Tried for Stone Mountain TWD season 3 episode 12 - The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear"


Carl and Michonne share a moment...

The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" -Carl Michonne gif The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" - Michonne Carl gif

The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" - Carl Michonne It's just too damn gorgeous gif The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" Michonne Carl gif

Listen to your body tonight...

Rick shooting The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" gif

Rick Carl - The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" gif

Michonne Rick - The Walking Dead 3x12 "Clear" gif

Rick we're eating his food now gif Michonne the mat said welcome gif

Rick and Duane - The Walking Dead gif Carl and Morgan The Walking Dead gif

Rick on ground after Duane hits him - The Walking Dead gif The shooter is Morgan - The Walking Dead gif

RIP Duane - The Walking Dead

Morgan - people like you, the good people, they always die - The Walking Dead gif

The weak people like me have inherited the Earth - Morgan The Walking Dead gif

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