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The largest, most ridiculous bar tab ever ...

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$189,375.98 Bar Receipt at Tryst Night Club at The Wynn Las Vegas ?! Oh my.

$10 for a Bud Light and $9 for a Red Bull sounds like a colossal ripoff.

On the other hand, $850 for Dom Perignon is actually not bad...

Would you believe I found an even more expensive receipt on the Internet?

expensive receipt

Still, it took 3090 bottles of VAT ?! What IS that?

Is there really a too?

I think the large line amount is obscured. The VAT line (Value Added Tax) is saying that if the 186k bill, 30k was VAT. Note further down it says it was 181k in wine.

Ah, got it. 181k in wine suggests expensive champagne bottle service.

The one on top is the biggest bar tab I've ever seen.

But here's one that's more realistic and would scare me if I woke up to find it:

Epic Morning After Sports Bar Receipt

I'm thinking those 25 Jager bombs must have hurt...

You mean because of the poutine?

Yes! Not a good combination!!

When the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, they drank this:

The Boston Bruins' $156,679 Bar Tab [infographic]

That's the entire Boston Bruins, though.

What's amazing about the bill on top of this page is that just 4 bottles of Vueve cost $100k.


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