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The Neanderthals May Have Died Out Because of ... Bunnies?

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"They noticed that, up until around 30,000 years ago, the remains of large animals -- deer and the like -- were plentiful in caves.

After that, though, the remains of smaller, bunny-like animals became much more prevalent. And that shift coincides with the seeming disappearance of the Neanderthals. The bulky-browed primates, the scientists speculate, were unable to adapt their hunting skills to small game."

Nice metaphor:  "Focus your energies on small, nimble targets (you Neanderthal, you)."

But in and of itself, a nice speculative read.

Bunnies are dangerous. Neanderthals never knew what hit them.

Killer rabbit

Bunnies are vicious killers.

And Neanderthals did not have holy hand grenades!

I wonder if there were sabre-toothed bunnies.

sabre toothed bunnies

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