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Infographic: Domestic Drone Use is Here to Stay

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It's a Pandora's Box we cannot close: drones are here to stay.

Police use themjournalists use them, even the folks at Occupy Wall Street used them. The Federal Aviation Administration recently leapt through several flaming hoops to write rules and regulations for drone use in domestic skies.

With military operations coming to a close in Afghanistan (though drone use has gone up), defense contractors are going to look more and more often at local law enforcement, even corporations, to fill drone manufacturing quotas.

The above infographic from diagrams exactly how we got here.

Love the infographic - and I've met some more people who are seriously furthering the flying food delivery systems - so watch out!

Andra, I for one welcome our robot overlords.

Whenever drone food delivery is available in the SF Bay Area, I'm buying!

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