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Drunk Man Shoots Police Robot

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Geoffrey Ingersoll writes:

Not everyone is excited about a future containing government-run, unmanned surveillance machines.

On Feb. 24, local Waverly, Ohio, police received a report about a drunken man shooting a gun inside his own home. When they arrived on the scene, 62-year-old Michael Blevins refused to answer either the door or the phone.

Back-up arrived with a trained negotiator. The negotiator failed. They decided to send in a surveillance robot.

Blevins (allegedly) drew his pistol and gunned down the bot.

Blevins was booked (obviously) on a host of charges, one of which was vandalism of government property. Authorities found two Ak-47s, loads of ammunition, and a 70-round drum that is illegal in the state of Ohio.

Whatever happens to Blevins, whether he likes it or not, he's become a symbol: Every war has its first shots fired.

I love America.

I presume the police robot's last words were "My dad could kick your dad's ass"

Sounds like that robot could use a little coaching from Hugh Jackman...

hugh jackman robot

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