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95% of what you want to meet for can be easily handled in a 5-minute email exchange.

Note to world - 95% of what you want to meet for can be easily handled in a 5-minute email exchange. Be efficient!
5:32 PM May 18 2012

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Naval makes a great point.

Keep this in mind when you're thinking about networking.

Many things do not require in-person meetings.

Naval's right, but here's a counterpoint (and I totally agree if you're perpetually glued to the monitor and chair 24/7) -

Manners & Etiquette: How do you politely turn down someone who wants to "grab coffee sometime"?

She sounds like someone with too much time on her hands.

Maybe I need to learn how to say no gracefully without feeling guilty. But if I do go, I try to time-box - 15 minutes for coffee is ideal; 30 minutes max.

You should never do something because you feel guilty,

Instead, you should do the things you really want to do, and politely decline the others.

Good advice:) Thx.

Xianhang Zhang's reply to that Quora thread is 100% dead-on in my experience. And I have been on both sides of it. :P

Remind me, he's the one who makes the other person do a little work before he'll agree to coffee?

This thread is really interesting! I do struggle with turning down people. So many of the things I appreciate the most came from serendipitous meetings I couldn't have predicted connecting on at first. I think trying to use email too much as a vetting tool can be limiting because it takes out many of the most important parts that help us understand if we have a connection with someone. 

I believe that is true for you and me.

For someone who has 100x the demands on his time than us -- like Naval -- saying no is essential to doing the most with the time he has.

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